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Magious - Owners - And - Breeders - Club - International

This is the place for all owners and lover of the Magious or mage hound. A small breed of dog in the darpg community which comes in three coat varieties (hairless, rough coat and long haired) and i more colours than you could shake a sick at!

All owners must register with the club to receive a breeders and owners card, and register their Mage hounds with the group by submitting a ref sheet.
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Feb 2, 2013


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Ownership contract /custom price list/magious looking for homes

There is a short contract associated with having Mage hounds in your kennels, I don't insist people draw them every week, but I do have a couple of rules which must be followed.

*Only I as breed creator can make import sheets. Please do not make a magious of your own without asking, or if you do not have a license. note me with a preferred coat type to get sent coat colour and marking specifications.

* To get a magious, you must either note me or the group directly or wait for a litter to be born. If you note me, then all I ask is that you tell me which coat type you would like and I will send you details of the coat colour and markings.

*Once you have received the specifications for your magious their ref sheet must be drawn up and submitted to the group. (submitting the ref sheet counts as registering them with the group.) How often you draw them after that is entirely up to you, but make sure to submit your magious art to the group when you do.

*To own , breed, own and exhibit Magious you must apply for a club card, to do this simply note me and request one :)

*Do not overbreed. rough coated, hairless and hairless and with long furnishings/hairless with corded furnishings magious may have three litters per female and no more. Long coated corded may have two litter per female. Long coated full coat magious may have only one, as they are the rarest of the types and I don't want a long haired explosion! XD

*If you would like help working out how many puppies in your litters will be of what coat type, note me and Ill help you. I can also help you work out genetics, just ask, I don't bite ^^

*Please familiarise yourself with the breed sheets.

Price list for custom magious:

* Common colours will cost 10 points each (so a bi colour with two common colour would be 20 points)
common colours:
all plain solid colour, basic tabbies, basic points, minks, sepias, silver tabbies.

*common markings will be 5 points each
common markings:
candle, brows, snip, star, blaze, sword, locket, white throat, socks, tuxedo, cape, toe tops, stockings, collar, cuffs, muzzle, halo, crescent moon.

*uncommon colours will be 20 points each
uncommon colours:
Tortoiseshell, calico, tortie point, lynx point, chinchilla

*uncommon markings will be 10 points each
uncommon markings:
boar tusk, candle, toupe, moustache, cap, bib, dipped, buttons, spine, garters, undersides, spectacles, skunk, girdle, patches

*rare colours will be 30 points each
rare colours:
shaded, smoke, golden, lion, cheetah, jaguar, snow leopard, cougar, solid white (in long coated dogs only), dilute tiger, caracal, golden cat, jaguar, bay cat, black footed cat,

*rare markings will be 15 points each
rare markings:
skull top, bat, spider, bandana, orca, ribs, cap and saddle, snow capped, magpie, splatter

*very rare colours will be a flat rate of 200 points, as they must stay rare.
very rare colours:
melanistic jaguar, king cheetah, white lion, maltese tiger, clouded leopard, spotless cheetah, white tiger

*If you would like a full coated corded you will have to pay 30 points on top of the colour and marking charges

*If you would like a long coated full coat you will have to pay 50 points on top of the colour and marking charges.

starter pairs will always be free if you note me and ask for them, but I decide the colours/markings (ill be doing this with an RNG so you never know what you're going to get!)

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION… the black puppy, the golden chinchilla (back right) (was bought and retured so has one drawing done already ), and the chocolate smoke. 10 POINTS EACH OR ONE DRAWING OF ONE OF MY MAGIOUS.… (this dog was returned me after a kennel clear out and has a few drawings to his name, so comes with KC points already (………… 10 POINTS OR ONE DRAWING OF ANY ONE OF MY MAGIOUS… WILD COAT COLOUR AUCTION :3


I am going to be rolling all my breeds into one group to save having admin duties on three separate groups. I will provide a link to the new group when it has been created.

I will also be abolishing Licences as I would like for my breeds to be more readily available :3
This gorgeous chap is up for rehoming!
HGS Magic Man by Sevslover6195

He comes complete with seven pieces of art:
For Sevslover6195 by Malexbus AJK's Weekly Mini RNG show! Edit: placed 3rd! by Sevslover6195 HGS Magic Man by Sevslover6195 HGS Magic Man Hunting by Sevslover6195 HGS Magic Man Hunting 2 by Sevslover6195 HGS Magic Man conformation (Saudi Arabia) by Sevslover6195

these have earned him:

183 :iconkennel-club: points

88 :iconDARPG-Club points:

41 :iconpedigree-club: points

We also have this gorgeous and VERY rare coloration Magious for sale, he is the only one of his colour in existence.  

Sevslover6195's magious import by modifiedMONSTERHGS Winnie the Pooh by Sevslover6195

As well as this pup from two platinum level :iconkennel-club: parents! and with two pieces of art

CSM shadow and light by modifiedMONSTER  

Rutting headshot RNG entres by modifiedMONSTER Mush!Kennels RNG Show - ModifiedMonster Entries by Pine-Star-Kennels

The first dog will be 50 points

the second, rare coloured dog will be 100 points

the third dog from platinum parents will be 60 points

I'm happy to sell to non magious owners and will provide a license to go with the do to any new members :3
The sport of rutting is now being officially recognised by the :iconkennel-club: as well as by :iconthedog-house: !!! Check out this journal here… to see this momentous moment in Magious and rutting history :3 The sport is getting more widely know and accepted which is great, and now the most well used points system accepts it things can only get better from here on in!

Under the kennel club points system you can now earn the following points per title:

BRD (beginner rutting dog): 10 points
NRD (novice rutting dog): 10 points
ARD (accomplished rutting dog): 10 points
SRD (supreme rutting dog): 10 points
CRD (champion rutting dog): 10 points

and for anyone who earns the coveted WCRD (world champion rutting dog) title through one of the group tournaments, your dog will get 20 points!

Im ridiculously excited about this, I'm looking forward to seeing the sport grow! :3
entries for the second ever rutting tournament are now open, so comment below with the following form for any dogs you'd like to enter!

Kennel name:
Dog name:
Dog breed:
Any rutting titles already held:
Weight category: (light/middle/heavy)

Its that simple! The first few rounds will be judged by RNG so all you need to provide is a picture of your dog with its head down/entering the ring/pushing against an invisible opponent.
I'm going to be doing this one a little differently however, whereas the last time dogs were paired with other entrants, this time round they will initially be against 'shadow opponents' provided by the group (these dogs do not technically exist and are not liable to win the competition.) Then, when there are only two dogs left in each weight category, the contest will enter the 'effort round.' Dogs still in the competition at this stage will need another picture drawn, this time the judging will be effort based, (so you'll need a background and preferably your opponent in the picture) and we will end up with a world champion in each weight category.

I will be accepting entries for the RNG round until the 13th of september, and that will also be the deadline for getting in your RNG image!

Your dog will advance up the ranks and earn its rutting titles with every win in the RNG rounds, and this competition is the only place your dog can gain the title of world champion rutting dog!

Prizes will be as follows:
*a rosette displaying the rank you have achieved when you win a round (see the group featured folder for these)
*Any competitor who achieves CRD (champion rutting dog) during the tournament will win a full body picture of their dog.
*The overall winner of the tournament will receive the title of 'world champion rutting dog' and will receive a trophy inscribed with the dogs name, as well as a full body drawing of their dog and a free custom of either one of my created breeds (a magious of any coat type or rumi sonqo) or a custom silpine (my hybrid species, see my gallery for details.

Please fill in the form and comment under this journal to join the tournament! Lets get rutting guys!!! :D

I will gave anyone who advertises this contest in their journal and posts it to a few groups 20 points! lets get more entries this time guys!!!!
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LacrosseDogGirl Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey mod, do you think that there is a chance that i could be the first to get a clouded leopard? i really love the look
modifiedMONSTER Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I was going to make one for myself... buuut, as I love ya and youve been helping me out a lot... sure ^^
You'll only get wild colours by breeding to another wild colour though, i want the really rare colours to stay that way ^^
As an admin I'll let you have her/him half price (so 100 points) or if you're short on points you could always do a set of rutting images with creampuff and [link] for the dog house title system as payment :3 Let me know which option you'd like to go with hun ^^ :heart:
LacrosseDogGirl Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
would bringing both of them up to a supreme rutter be enough?
modifiedMONSTER Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
id prefer all the way up to champion seeing as its a super rare colour. im not sure if doghouse accepts headshots as one part of the set so long as the rest are full body? (like TKC does)
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TyrannosaurusRexKenn Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Sorry I did the same thing as RedDogKennel did :/ you can kick me out too.
RedDogKennel Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Professional Artist
I kinda joined the contributers by accident X3 Sorry about that, you can kick me off there, would you send me an invite to members please? its not there on the join request :giggle:
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